British Curriculum

Our innovative and exciting Early Years to Year 4 curriculum exemplifies the expertise and dedication of our teaching staff. We ensure that international standards are met.  Our primary goal is to help your child lay the groundwork for a bright future by assisting them in growing intellectually, socially, and emotionally while making as much progress as possible.


Early Years Foundation Stage

We recognize the value of children taking charge of their own education and learning via controlled play. Our Foundation Stage students have access to a variety of indoor and outdoor learning environments, including playground, a huge indoor play area, and soft play.

Our FS1 and FS2 curriculum is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, which has been updated by our teachers to have a global perspective and to be relevant to children living in the UAE. The children will be able to participate in weekly PE, swimming, and music lessons with expert teachers beginning in FS1. Arabic classes will be held for both native and non-native speakers.

Lessons Beyond The Class

The City School Sharjah provides various possibilities for children to grow and prosper. Learning does not have to take place in a classroom; it can also take place outside, during an educational tour, or as part of a community service initiative. Lessons are exciting, entertaining, and engaging, and they give kids plenty of chances to think critically and independently.

A British Primary School in Sharjah Known for Its Academic Excellence

Years 1–4 curriculum is based on the National Curriculum for England, which has been adapted by our faculty to have a global dimension and to be relevant to children living in the UAE. The core of the curriculum is predetermined, but teachers have the authority to combine areas of learning to create topics of interest and relevance to the children in their class.


The City School International Pvt – Sharjah offers a variety of subject combinations and revises them in accordance with the cumulative experience of its teachers and students. Teacher selection is done on the basis of their experience as curriculum developers and syllabus writers. In addition, curriculum consultants from the UK are appointed on a regular basis to assist The City School Sharjah teachers in revising their curriculum and syllabus.

At The City School International Pvt – Sharjah, we aim to provide quality education to our students. The City School has consistently maintained its high standards and is viewed as an institution par excellence. The implementation and maintenance of rigorous standards in the academic and administrative spheres give The City School Sharjah a well-deserved reputation for quality in education that enables it to compete with the best schools in the UAE.