Principal’s Message

I am Stephen John, incredibly proud to have the privilege and responsibility of being the founding Principal of The City School International Pvt Sharjah.

At The City School International Pvt – Sharjah, we seek to maximise the educational opportunities for our students while simultaneously holding high expectations for our students and staff. It is our goal to prepare our pupils for the high school that awaits them once they finish elementary school.

Our rigorous, yet inclusive academic programme, will ensure that everyone receives an education to the best of their ability and to an internationally recognised level. As your child grows and moves through our school you can rest assured that our British education system will provide the best in quality of knowledge and the opportunity to develop skills that will serve your child well throughout their lives.

At The City School International Pvt- Sharjah, we seek to create a stimulating, safe and respectful environment for our students. Our school embraces the “whole child” supporting their individual differences and learning styles, while encouraging each child into engaging interaction and meaningful learning. We believe that when students comprehend and their intentions and actions are truly understood, development unfolds, and students rise to their next level of learning! We strive to help them create meaningful relationships with adults as well as with each other. A foundation for academic and social thinking is established and then built on over time. Our students are encouraged to be abstract, logical and creative thinkers. Based on each student’s unique individual profile, teaching strategies, as well as specific curriculums, are chosen to fit their evolving developmental profile and individual learning styles.

Our students are encouraged to stretch themselves in core academic classes, career and technical education offerings, and the cultural arts. We invite all of our students to be active in the extra-curricular life of the school, whether it be a club, a student organisation, an athletic sport, or another area. We believe through participation and being an active member of our school community, our students will be more successful and develop skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

At The City School International Pvt – Sharjah, I believe each and every pupil can be successful in accomplishing his or her goals and dreams and I know that the path to accomplishing those goals and dreams begins today. I invite you to join me at The City School International Pvt – Sharjah where “Excellence is the Expectation”.