The City School International Shrajah is governed by the Executive Board of Head Office. In addition, we have created an Executive Committee in order to:

  • Facilitate parent and staff involvement.
  • Involve members of the community.
  • Streamline common policy making at school level.

The City School Executive Committee is made up of parents, staff and members of the Head Office Advisory Board, invited to serve by the Principal.

The City School Board, consisting of senior company executives, is the central policy making group. It is informed and advised by the Advisory Board and by executive standing committees for Philosophy, Education, HR and Finance, in which Directors and Principals and other personnel pay close attention to the development of the whole organisation in specialised areas.

As a member of staff at The City School International Pvt – Sharjah or as a parent, if you would like to be considered for the Executive Committee, please email to the Principal at

We develop and manage nursery, primary and secondary schools. Our vision is to be the most respected provider of high quality international education in the UAE and GCC region.

The City School Sharjah is committed to the highest standards of international education so that our students will be able to compete on the global stage and become successful, responsible world citizens.