Career Education

Career Guidance Counselling

Career Counselling at TCSI aims at providing students a strong foundation by guiding them through the transition from youth to adulthood and ensuring a bright and a secure future for them. By exposing the students to different options, the career counsellors help the students in choosing the right subject options.

Students and parents are kept informed about career-related events such as education fairs, seminars, road shows and the deadlines for sending application forms to different universities. The needs of the students are catered through various career-related activities such as workshops, guest lectures and interviews. These activities are conducted with an intention of creating an environment whereby the students are encouraged to plan their future carefully.

Through career counselling, the students are motivated to focus on improving their academic performance and developing their strengths. The emphasis is on preparing the students to anticipate and plan ahead to face all challenges with confidence and a balanced composure.

Formal career guidance and counselling sessions begin in Year 8 when the students make their IGCSE course choices. A wide range of career-related resources – such as prospectuses of universities, booklets, guides and other programmes available at TCSI – help the students explore career opportunities and higher education options. Follow up with parents about the career plans or subject choices of their children facilitates improved communication and enables the parents and students to develop strategies for identifying their preferences, overcoming their weakness, building on their strengths and understanding the prevailing career trends – all of which goes a long way in making informed career decisions.