46th National Day Celebrations

46th National Day Celebrations!

TCSI’s mission is to ensure that there is cultural diversity in its environment. One of the annual initiatives we take is the celebration of the UAE National day.

On November 29th, 2017, TCSI paid homage to this great land. The day commenced with a brief yet vivid presentation by the Arabic students and teachers. The students were abuzz with excitement and the incomparable thrill in the air was palpable— shades of green, red, white and black complimented the environment.

The day was divided into two halves, the first dominated by the primary students. They enjoyed the activities while the secondary students had a writing activity in which they expressed the sagas of UAE’s history. The activities ranged from posing with a falcon to resting under traditional tents and eating cultural food.

Everyone believes that this day was successful, as not only did it leave an everlasting impression on students, but it also strengthened the love and unity we all feel for this country and its people.