Alice’s Arabian Adventure

Annual Day Show : Alice’s Arabian Adventure

TCSI tapped its talents and treated the parents with the production of Alice’s Arabian Adventure on the evening of 12th of May. The Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Dubai was the venue which served as the perfect grandeur to showcase the artistic TCSI students. This auspicious evening was marked with the eminent presence of our beloved chairperson of the City group Mr Jehangir Feroze and otherdignitary guest was Ms Fatima Almheiri, Manager of Theatre Section, Performance Art Department.
To begin with, the heart-warming welcome remarks followed by the annual school report by the school principal Mr Craig Shipton raised a roar of applause among the audience. The principal in his remark expressed appreciation for the whole TCSI teaching team and parental support which has enabled TCSI to move forward and celebrate the stamp of “Good” by KHDA.
This evening, students embarked on a journey of patronage for the UAE, as the whole production revolved around the theme of Year of Zayed. Each act and dance orchestrated the love of the expatriates for this great nation. Every dance performance painted a picture of diversity and harmony of the citizens of UAE amidst the guest audience who sat glued to the seats applauding one act after another.
The person who stood tall, designing and executing the whole show was Ms Sarah K Fraser (FS and KS 1 Head of Section) who was enthusiastically supported by TCSI staff and senior students of Year 10.
All in all, TCSI wrote another page in history celebrating its talent and leaving the parents proud for their choice of schooling for their children.