Diplomathon Conference

Diplomats of TCSI

DIPLOMATHON is a high impact learning platform for school students to participate and reinvent the Diplomat within. This year the conference witnessed overall participation of 33 Leading Schools from Dubai and the world and 300+ attendees on both the days i.e. 1St and 2nd February 2019 at Oxford International School, Dubai.
It provided a one-stop learning module in International Relations, Public Speaking & World Affairs along with for the first time ever, A reproduction of Global Organisations which reflect the Global Diplomacy portrait, including the European Union, BRICS, ASEAN, SAARC, International Federation of Journalists & avant-garde moots.
The Diplomathon Conference was very well organised and the students, who participated in it, found it very beneficial. Even before the commencement of the conference, the organisers gave training to the participants and sent the study material well in advance. They even came to the school several times to ensure that everything was in order.
Given to the untiring efforts of Ms Farah Azeem, The City School International was nominated for the first time and was represented by 17 students, divided among committees such as GCC 1, GCC 2, IFJ, WHO1, WHO 2 and UNCSW, etc
In the end, the best delegates were decorated and TCSI was recognized at the Russian committee as one of the best delegates.
Overall, it was a thorough learning experience for all. Students were excited and look forward to having more such opportunities in the future.