TCSI English Department conducts Debates – KS3

TCSI English Department conducts Debates

In order to improve students’ speaking skills and develop their confidence, the first ever Inter-class Debate Competition was organised in the secondary section on the 29th and 30th of January. Students of Year 7 and Year 8 talked about the proposition: Machines have ruined our lives. Year 7 supported the topic while Year 8 negated it. There was an incessant exchange of substantial ideas and the participants were very much engaged into asking and answering critical questions. Mastery of the constructive speeches and delivery of rebuttal speeches signified students’ preparedness for the debate. Gulmina Qazi of Year 8 was awarded the Best Debater; meanwhile, Shanoor Qazi of Year 7 and Dunia Montasir of Year 8 were accorded the Best Speakers. The Opposition was pronounced as the Best Debating Team.

On the other hand, Year 9 and Year 10 students owned the stage when they delivered their speeches and gave their POIs on the proposition: Peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful. Year 10 students being the affirmative team, expressed the benefits of peer pressure based on their experiences especially in school. They identified areas where students and other people would live harmoniously while together. Year 9 students being the negative team, talked about the obvious effects of peer pressure which are experienced by many nowadays. They identified some factors that affect a person’s behavior and on how to handle difficult situations in life. The debate concluded having Shanzay Shah of Year 10 as the Best Speaker and Manal Fatima of Year 9 and Jason Kenneth of Year 10 as the Best Debaters. Year 10 was awarded the Best Debating Team.

Students were highly engaged into this activity. Even those who did not participate in the competition got so engrossed in expressing their ideas and answering questions given by the speakers. Debate is all around the corner in different aspects; thus, how we interact with people matters the most.