English Super learning Inter-School Competition

English Super learning Week at Apple School Dubai

The Apple International School hosted its first English Super Learning Week Inter-School Competition on January 31, 2019 for students of Year 5 to 10.
It was an opportunity provided to the students where they were engaged in different interactive, manipulative, and fun activities that allowed them to apply their acquired knowledge of English in real life situations.
Almost five schools were invited to provide an opportunity for the students to collaborate and build the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork. The English Super Learning Week did not only aim to develop students’ language skills but also aimed to develop the skills of research, critical thinking, creativity through writing and present their views in accordance to the UAE’s “Year of Tolerance”.
TCSI students participated in four competitions: Blogging, Poem Recital, Poem Writing, and Search-a-ton (word search using a dictionary) where the theme revolved around the “Year of Tolerance”.
Soraiya from Year 5 won the first prize in poetry recital, Mariyam Asim from Year 6 and Zunaira Kashif from Year 5 won the third prize in Search-a-ton while other students who participated in other competitions were appreciated for their outstanding skills and prompt thinking.