Innovate to Create: MBRSC hosts Science event

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In order to gain a much greater understanding of the evolution of our own solar system and the red planet, as well as to encourage the exploration of what is in the outside world giving our society a target to unite diverse people towards an optimistic goal, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) hosted the MBRSC Science event on 22nd January.  It is an educational and Science outreach event targeted to focus on the UAE’s Space Programme that covers ‘The UAE Astronaut Programme’, ‘Emirates Mars Mission (Hope Probe)’, and ‘Satellite Development’.

Two areas were under the umbrella of the main event– The 4th Annual Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) Science Workshop and the Explore Mars Competition. The aim was to deliver an overview about Mars as a planet and the Science behind its history and interesting evolution.

Many institutions all over UAE participated in the abovementioned sessions. Schools and universities alike from professors, teachers, researches to students were thrilled with the substantial information gained and ideas formulated through a realisation of queer yet innovative thinking.