Morning Assemblies

Morning Assemblies

“Social interaction is the origin and engine of learning”, says Lev Vygotsky.

Our morning assemblies are a great way to bring students and staff together and serves as a forum for students to interact and share their thoughts on the theme chosen for the day.

As strong advocates of holistic development, TCSI not only focuses on academic development but also gives due importance to instilling good values in students. Morning presentations are the best way to do so. The assembly themes include a plethora of topics such as Healthy lifestyle, Respect, Honesty, Self Discipline, How to prepare for exams, Read to Lead etcetera.

Students of 5B created love for reading by presenting a lively assembly on Read to Lead. The reading champions shared their thoughts on the benefits of reading. They even suggested various book titles that can be chosen by primary students. The reading ambassadors came up with a variety of strategies such as skit, dance and jokes to put forth their views that grabbed the attention and interest of the audience. It was quite amusing to watch one student deliver a poem on ‘How can a book become your friend’ as she disguised herself as ‘Chatter Book’.

Respect is one of the most important virtues a child can have. Teaching children how to respect will ensure they develop positive relationships with their family, friends and teachers throughout their life. Students of Year 4B took up the noble initiative to spread the importance of respect through their presentation. Their focus area included acceptance, courtesy, manners, being considerate of others’ feelings and appreciating differences. They also emphasised on a core value, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Nightingales of 4B flaunted their mellifluous voices to tunefully put forth the importance of respect.

At TCSI, we strongly believe that discipline tactics shouldn’t be about controlling the students rather teaching them how to control themselves. Year 3A presented a wonderful skit on self-discipline followed by a dance and an interactive Q&A session.

Teaching honesty at a young age will establish a strong desire in children to do what is right. Year 3B used a melange of ideas to present a wonderful assembly on this important virtue. The wrap-up song and dance at the end was an icing on the cake which made all students dence to the tune.