TCSI Promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

TCSI promotes Breast Cancer Awareness

In order to raise awareness and to reduce the stigma of breast cancer through education on symptoms and treatment, TCSI organised a session with Dr. Zainab Arshad from Shaukat Khanum Hospital on 16th October among female students in the secondary section. Students were informed about what Big C is and how to prevent such disease. Dr. Arshad made an emphasis on how to live a healthy lifestyle not only for the purpose of avoiding such disease, but also for the aim of influencing family members to live the same way.

Students in the primary section were tasked to write letters for their moms. Meanwhile, students of Years 10 and 11 put up a Bake Sale in observance of the Pink Day. They sold pink cupcakes, pink lemonade, pizza etc.

Wear it pink! Students and staff wore white and pink clothes to show support to the breast cancer patients; that is, to let them realise that their battle is not solely theirs. There are so many organisations supporting them all over the world, and thousands of institutions and companies celebrate the same event yearly in the month of October.