Reading Challenge in TCSI

Reading Challenge

To further propel the love for reading, students from Year 1 -10 were challenged to read more than a million words during the winter break which was from 16th December till 6th January. While the younger ones were encouraged to read hand-held books, students from Years 3 – 10 were lucky enough to provide actual proof of their reading through our web-based Digital Reading Program – Scholastic Learning Zone.
Before the winter break, we stood on 1 million plus words read. During the break, we were hoping that another 1 million words will be read and we will reach the 2 million mark for words read. While giving the challenge we teachers were hopeful that the challenge will be met… at the most. A mind-boggling surprise awaited us when we came back from the vacations. Not only had the children met the challenge but they had gone beyond and collectively the school had read around 3 million words and we had surpassed the 4 million mark.
This obviously made us ecstatic and we were eager to recognize our star performers. We were able to obtain data for the highest number of words read by a student for each section and this gave us our Reading Challenge Champions. Hamdan Nomani from year 10 had actually read a little more than a million words himself which made him almost single-handedly responsible for making his class come out as the Reading Champion Class. Our principal and the English department celebrated this achievement during one of our assemblies where the students were handed certificates while the rest of the school cheered on.
Did we achieve our goal? Yes! There is a continued sense of competition amongst the students who come into the Library vying to read on the Digital program and pass as many quizzes as they can so that they too can feel proud and accomplished. The result? Well… we continue to further accelerate the words read count and we have reached the 10 million mark as I write this. I think these children deserve a standing ovation, don’t you?