STREAM Week: STEM Jazzes up TCSI’s Brainiest!

STREAM Week: STEM Jazzes up TCSI’s Brainiest!

Holding true to the tradition of integrating STREAM ideas into its curriculum, TCSI embarked on its annual STREAM week festival for 2018: an amalgamation of science, technology, research, engineering, arts and mathematics in one mighty roundup of creativity.

This year, the students were given no fixed theme to circulate their projects around but were given the liberty to put their critical thinking skills to the test and innovate new projects and reform old ideas to their liking.

Some students switched on their gears and focused their ideas on working models mainly related to energy generation and physics. This includes using common materials to make operative hydraulic pumps, a household-installed hydroelectric generator and demonstrating complicated principles such as the Bernoulli’s principle. Other worked on sustainable development projects, such as earthquake resistant homes, biofuels, hoverboard-hybrid-cars etc, which is in direct line with His Highness Sheikh Zayed’s vision for the UAE and Sheikh Mohammad’s more recent sustainability goals in vision 2020.

Primary section displayed their creativity and innovation through model of sustainable cities. Each class was to work on one project based on a set criteria of social responsibility, environmental awareness, energy efficiency/ sustainability, innovation, feasibility/ viability, advertising, Use of ICT, accurate English to Arabic translation, model accuracy, cultural heritage/ vision 2021 and collaboration.

The week-long celebration of STREAM, though, found its culmination in the Great Scientific Debate that took place on Thursday, 1st March 2018, where 8 teams comprised of students from our secondary section went head to head and debated on some of the most heated and controversial STREAM issues in the modern world. A showdown of wits, spontaneity, facts, and most importantly, critical thinking, the Great STREAM debate touched on topics like genetic modification in crops, research on embryonic cells and also addressed the technological warhead of technology’s link with social isolation.

Finally, the much-awaited last segment of the week was the presentation, judging and selection of the prize-winning projects from each grade. With this eventful day, our STREAM week 2018 came to a close.