On the lustrous day of the 15th of February, 2019, the students of TCSI woke up delighted for their day ahead. It was time for TCSI’s hearty Sports’ Day event! With their usual enthusiasm now tenfold, TCSI’s students were eager to carry out a competitive yet a thrilling sports journey. The day inaugurated with a march past where each house captain led their respective house with great pride. Following the march past, all the students took an oath to demonstrate true sportsmanship and teamwork, led by their gifted sport’s captain. Just after the harmonized oath, the sports meet was declared open.

However, despite the contemplate plan, the Juniors’ Sports Day faced tribulations and fell victim to the unanticipated rain. As the clouds poured down, the event was brought to a halt and students were withdrawn for their safety. Nevertheless, TCSI enlightened this event by providing a variety of food items set up by Grade 10 students which were enjoyed by the parents, teachers, and students in the rain. These food items included fries, samosas, tea, juices, soda, and even Pakistani traditional items. TCSI took absolute responsibility and rearranged the Juniors’ Sports Day on another day so every student would get a chance to show their glory.

There were diverse matches arranged for the students to partake and compete with the other houses. Students enjoyed playing volleyball, football, basketball, long jump and also part in sprinting. All the games helped the students learn discipline, competition and develop the remarkable spirit of sportsmanship. This also inculcated the quality of team spirit and leadership in them and helped them learn how working unitedly can help them attain victory.

At the end of the day, both the Juniors and Seniors Sports’ Day were victorious. The parents enjoyed watching their children actively taking part in all the games. TCSI also provided an abundant array of glistening medals and trophies for their hard-working students. Finally, there was a neoteric race between the parents as well as the teachers, while the students cheered for them.

TCSI’s Junior and Senior Sports’ Days were days where everyone enjoyed to their fullest and actively took part in all games. The success would not be possible without the hardwork and dedication of all teachers, students, and other staff members, as one whole family.