TCSI Inter-Class Debate Competition – KS2

Inter-Class Debate Competition-KS2

The English department organised the first ever inter-class debate competition at TCSI. KS2 debates happened on the 27th and the 28th of January.

On the 27th, Year 3 and Year 4 challenged each other to debate on the topic “Books are better and more educational than movies.” Year 3 was on the affirmative side supporting books and year 4 on the negative side supporting movies. The research and preparation by the debaters were quite evident on stage through their eloquence in speech. Their constructive speeches were informative and their interrogation was analytical that required the opponent to elucidate their proposition. The rebuttal speeches delivered by the students proved their attentiveness throughout the session. Kinza Misbah from 3B and Talha Hashmi from 4A were awarded the Best Speaker and the Best Debater respectively. The negative team Year 4 won the debate and bagged the overall prize for being the best debating team.

The battle became more interesting on the 28th when Year 5 and Year 6 contended each other on the proposition “Technology has made us lazy.” Year 5 was on the affirmative side throwing brilliant ideas and points of view on how technology has intervened into our daily life and has made us more dependent. Their humour and mastery of speech were commendable. On the other hand, Year 6 were able to substantiate the effectiveness and usefulness of technology with relevant examples and how it has made our life easy rather than making us lazy. The teamwork was quite applaudable as there was no repetition of ideas in their constructive speeches as well as their interpellation sessions. Duaa Naveed of 5A was the Best Speaker and her sense of humour and wit received a special mention from the judges. Abdul Moiz of 5A was much appreciated for his nonchalant and brilliant interpellation skills that made him the Best Debater of the day.