TCSI Pink Ribbon Walk Day

Pink Day

The students, along with the teachers and the staff members, of TCSI held their first-ever ‘Pink Ribbon Walkathon’ on 17th October, to show solidarity to the breast cancer patients and survivors and to spread awareness. Students and staff wore white and pink clothes to show support for breast cancer patients. The presence of parents and police officers further strengthened the goal of the campaign as they joined hands for a common cause.

The walk commenced with the ribbon and balloon cutting ceremony done by one of the police officers and a student. The heads of the student council firmly held the school flags along with huge banners of Breast Cancer Awareness and started the walk to the school, followed by the principal, teachers and staff members and then the students from year 5-11 in a perfect sync.

After 150 meters walk, the students and all the teachers including the staff members settled in the school’s green area for the Breast Cancer Assembly. Head Boy and Head Girl; Fayez Asif and Shanzay Shah were the featured hosts for the eventful morning. It started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by its translation. Right after which, the National anthem was sung by everyone. Two bouquets of flowers were handed over to the police officers as an expression of our reverence and affection. Afterward, there was a short, smooth ballet dance by grade 5 students.

In order to raise awareness about this disease, TCSI had representatives from Shaukat Khanum Hospital from which one was Dr. Zainab Arshad who made an emphasis on how to live a healthy life and influencing others to live the same way. Students were informed about what Big C is and how to prevent such disease. As a reflection of welcome, Miss Farah offered a bouquet to the representatives.

To bring light to the assembly, we had an amazing performance by Year 6 full of breathtaking stunts and steps. We had a breast cancer survivor who shared her story and her experience. She talked about how she felt as a victim of cancer and how to never lose hope and spread this message; that is what everything is about. At the end of the assembly, our principal, Dr. Frank Fernandes inspired the students to share every bit of the assembly with their loved ones and raise consciousness about this disease.