The Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture Ceremony

‘Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality’-  Warren Bennis

The most auspicious ceremonial occasion of the year; “The Investiture Ceremony” written bright and clear on the stage made it quite evident what today’s assembly was going to be about. The 8 am bell commenced the start of the day and over a hundred students were gathered in the assembly area within seconds. The excitement on their faces showed how eager they were to see their leaders recognized in front of the entire school. We could tell that 29th September 2019 was going to be a memorable day of this academic year.


Ammar Aqib and Anzish Kamran were the featured hosts for the eventful morning. It started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran followed by its translation. Right after this, the National anthem and school song were sung by everyone.


Our Principal, Sir Frank Fernandes shared the joy he feels to see students of our school perform in such an orderly fashion and fulfill their responsibilities. He inspired and uplifted the elected leaders to be conscientious and responsible in his address to the gathering.


As he said the last few words of his speech, Miss Zakir came on stage for the annual student council march past. Organized and conducted by Miss Zakir herself, the march past consisted of all the members of the student council dressed neatly and uniformly. On her signal, Sir Azam played the strong rhythmic march music and the student council started moving forward. The formation of the march started with our Head Boy and Head Girl; Fayez Asif and Shanzay Shah, firmly holding the school flags, followed by the Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl; Amaan Aziz and Manal Fatimah and then the Sports Captains; Rumman Ahmed and Azka Shariq. All the House captains, holding their house flags, and the Vice House the Captains, the Leaders and the Prefects followed their heads and marched towards the stage in perfect sync.


Everyone’s eyes were stuck on them until they finally came to a stop in front of the stage. All the elected officers were eagerly waiting for this moment; the badge pinning. Miss Farah and Sir Frank conferred the officers with badges and sashes. The elected leaders then took the pledge to hold the school motto and complete the responsibilities entrusted to them in the year ahead.


The assembly concluded with Miss Farah’s motivational words to the leaders and a round of applause for them. It was indeed a memorable day for our school.