Trip to The Green Planet – Year 1

The Green Planet

On Monday, January 28th Year 1 students of TCSI together with the teachers ran a trip to The Green Planet.
Firstly, our very friendly, patient and informative guide, Ms. Gemeni talked to us about the rainforest ecosystem. The students were very attentive – they knew all about the different levels of the rainforest that are in place (from highest to lowest; Emergent layer, Canopy layer, Understory layer, and Forest Floor Layer).

We started our tour around The Green Planet at the Understory level where we saw different insects. The millipede was very popular, and there were some large cockroaches for the students to see up close. We were also lucky to see the sloth hanging its claws in the branches of the trees.

Then we went at the Forest floor level, where we saw different fish. After that, we took a lift up to the very top of The Green Planet. We were greeted by two beautiful Hyacinth Macaws. We were also able to get up close to geckos and lizards and to see some poison frogs. There was plenty of time to take photographs and wander around.
We then saw a colony of weaver ants and a big tarantula. We even saw a snake – though some of us kept our distance.
After we finished looking through the biome, we went to the classroom to talk about what we had seen. The importance of protecting the rainforest was discussed with the students. We learned how important it is to make sure that animals and fish get to stay in the wild – if people will take these animals away from their natural habitats, there will be none left for future generations to enjoy.

Finally, our guide gave us food and drinks. We ended our trip with full tummies plus having full knowledge about the wonders of nature. It was really fun and educational trip for everyone!