UAE National Day

TCSI celebrated National Day

To exemplify respect and homage to the United Arab Emirates, TCSI celebrated the National Day on the 26th of November for the secondary section and on the 29th of November for the primary section, organised by the Islamic Department.

The school was adorned with amazing performances, UAE flag’s coloured decorations and elegant attire by the citizens of TCSI. Students, especially the Arabs confidently showcased their talents and skills depicting their awareness of the traditions and culture of UAE, keeping in mind the SOPs and maintaining social distance. This was broadcasted live, through Microsoft Teams to the distance learners and the other students who were present in the school.

The program commenced with the beautiful verses of the Holy Quran followed by its translation. Right after which, the National anthem was sung by everyone. Two students from Year 10 & 11 introduced the significance of UAE National Day and its flag which has a deep meaning. Our Principal, Dr Frank Fernandez shared the joy he felt and appreciated the efforts of the students and the teachers. The students enacted a role play in both; English and Arabic on diversity and The FS department of the primary section showcased a spectacular ballet dance performance which amused everyone.

This was followed by a beautiful UAE song sung by the FS students in a sync and then, the primary students recited an Arabic poem whereas the secondary students recited a historical poem. The students displayed several traditional dance performances such as Yowalah dance, Na’asha dance and also dance spirit of the union. A student narrated the words of wisdom written by Sheikh Zayed and the other students delivered speeches about the culture and heritage of UAE. Also, a talk show named ‘Synergy’ was conducted by the secondary students.

The distance-learning students displayed presentations virtually related to the revival of tourism in UAE, Expo 2020 which was presented by the Head Girl, and The Culture of UAE presented by Year 10s. Towards the end, Year 9 students acknowledged the efforts made by UAE during the pandemic to help its citizens. To conclude the program, a vote of thanks was given by the primary section head Ms. Lina and secondary section head Ms. Farah, cherishing the efforts of the Islamic Department and the students put into the success of this event.
The significance of this event was to show solidarity to the country during this situation and pay tribute to the leaders who sacrificed their lives for the people of this country. As everything must come to an end, this eventful day did too with inspiring a lot of students and enlightening their heart with patriotism.